Your toes tell the story of your life – the steps you have taken and the experiences you have had. If you look closely, you can see true love, passion, prosperity, hardship, trust, responsibility, and much more. Your toes tell the story you don’t always remember. Every experience in your life is recorded somewhere in your toes!

Just by observing your toes, you will know a great deal about your past and the experiences you have lived through. The thoughts that formed during an emotionally charged time will ultimately show up in the toes as the physical printout of the path we have been walking.
The more challenges or hardships in your life, the more curves or marks or wrinkles your toes will have. A very common question in Toe Reading is “Do toes change as life’s story changes?” The answer is “Yes, absolutely your toes can and will change.” Sometimes change can be almost immediate, and other times it may take a few days, weeks, or even years. It is different for each individual.

When combined with an Attune Healing Christ Light Reiki session, Toe Readings can enhance a balanced self-healing approach by combining reflective evaluation with natural healing energy to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Christ Light Reiki complements Toe Reading to help clear past blocks and allows healing to take place in mind, body, and spirit.


Toe Reading is fun, informative, and based on the theory that the pathology of the toes store holographic messages about the story of your life and its cellular records. Toe Readings can be provided as private sessions, or as part of a group or party event.

Toe Reading is not like palm reading – you do not learn about the future.  You will learn what emotional thought patterns and perceived traumas occurred in your life, and where your energy may lie stagnant.  Toe Reading is an opportunity to take a look at new possibilities, and is a great tool to identify where past emotional blocks have been.

Toe Reading is a method for self knowledge.  It can help provide a reflective process of evaluation, and a time to process a “life lesson” that was experienced and recorded.